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Cetraben Emollient Cream Pump Dispenser is an emollient moisturizing and protective cream for symptomatic relief of red, inflamed, damaged, dry, or chapped skin. 

Cetraben emollient cream is available to Canadian dermatologists and Canadians suffering from dry skin conditions. We made a conscious decision to bring manufacturing of the product to Canada so we could enhance the product for our tough Canadian conditions and also ensure the quality is controlled to our high manufacturing standards.

What does this mean for Dermatologists?
When a dermatologist prescribes a medication to their patient, it is their reputation as a knowledgeable doctor that is at stake. Many products are now being manufactured in other countries where the ingredients and manufacturing process may be suspect. When a patient follows the recommendation of a dermatologist and the product quality is questionable, it is the doctor's reputation that suffers.

Now dermatologists have the confidence of product quality and patient satisfaction when they recommend Cetraben that is manufactured right here in Canada.

What does this mean for Canadians with dry skin?
People suffering from dry skin can now obtain a product that is made in Canada, distributed only in Canada and works. Treating your dry skin with Cetraben also creates jobs in Canada. 
Cetraben Emoolient Cream for Dry Skin should not be a secret.

Cetraben should not be a secret anymore.

For a long time, Cetraben was difficult to find in the pharmacies. Often enough, Canadians searching for Cetraben to help their dry skin conditions were often directed to a lesser quality or effective product that provided a better revenue margin for the pharmacist.

This is not happening anymore!

Cetraben is now only available from this website. Canadians suffering from dry skin can now order the 500g Pump online and have it shipped to their home. You may see Cetraben advertised on other websites. BEWARE! The product is manufactured offshore and does not conform to Canadian industry standards. Be prepared for an inferior product and disappointment.

Have questions about the product? Contact the manufacturer directly and get real answers to your questions. You now have a direct line to the maker of the product.

What people with dry skin are saying about Cetraben.

Aleks            Nov 07, 2012

5 stars

I have had to deal with symptoms of eczema for the past 30 years. It wasn't until I found Cetraben, a couple of years ago, that I started feeling I could function with a degree of normality. I use it every day and it has helped with the dryness and itchiness significantly. In terms of effectiveness, there might be other emollients out there that work similarly, but they all have a very intense "medicine-like" smell. Cetraben has none of that. It`s smell is neutral, almost imperceptible, and I don`t have to worry about smelling like I've just got out of hospital, if you know what I mean...I honestly recommend it for anyone out there, whose main problem, like mine, is extremely dry , itchy and flaky skin.
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