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Dermatologist Recommended Cetraben® Emollient Cream

Cetraben Emollient Cream is an emollient, moisturizing and protective cream for the symptomatic relief of red, inflamed, damaged, dry or chapped skin, especially when associated with eczema.

Cetraben® Emollient Cream is an effective and protective oil in water emollient preparation and soap substitute formulated to optimize patient compliance. Oil in water creams such as Cetraben® Emollient Cream are pleasant to use as their high water content makes them feel light and the water component cools the skin.  

The carefully chosen ingredients combine to give effective moisturizing ability in combination with a smooth, pleasant‚ texture. 

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Cetraben Canada

By David Harries 03 May, 2017
These are two questions that come up frequently and the answer is different for everyone.

People often do not apply enough cream because they do not like a greasy feel. The best answer is to apply a generous amount if the skin is dry.  within a few seconds, apply a little more. You can’t really use too much (within reason) so more is better.

We can use the example of a sunscreen application. Here, we know that few people actually apply enough. In order to get the SPF indicated on the bottle, the average application should be 1 ounce. This may appear to be a lot (and it is) but this is the amount required to get the indicated SPF. With this quantity it is best to apply and then let the product dry for a minute or so before going outside. The same applies for an emollient cream, more is better or as much as you can tolerate.

If you are dealing with dry areas rather than the whole body, make sure to apply to areas surrounding the dry patch not just the dry spot.

By David Harries 26 Apr, 2017
Firstly, make sure the shower water is not too hot. Warm temperature is the best. After bathing or showering, our moist skin is most receptive to the application of an emollient cream. Try not to rub but rather pat dry your body to avoid any minor scratching.  Then apply generous amounts of emollient cream. You might find that your skin tends to absorb more than usual, this is a good thing because your skin is absorbing the cream. The goal is to soften the skin and make it more flexible.
By David Harries 04 Apr, 2017
We often get comments from people saying their hands are dry and feel tight.  As we get older this becomes a problem because our skin is not retaining moisture as well as before. This makes the skin dry but also, much more sensitive to abrasions and this can cause symptoms such as itchiness, irritability, redness, rawness, inflammation and weeping.

Hands are a body part that we tend to wash frequently with soaps, which as we know, removes any oil, which leads to moisture loss.

One helpful tip for people with chronic dry hands is to apply some emollient cream to the hands while they are still wet. Rinse off any access cream but do not remove it all. Let it soak in for a minute, then pat the hands dry with a cloth; do not rub, pat dry. The effect is very fast and the hands will feel cooler and more comfortable. You might need to do this a few times a day for several days.  Enjoy!
By David Harries 16 Mar, 2017

Cetraben was originally developed as a pediatric product for the treatment of eczema.  It is in fact a “covered” product on UK formularies for the treatment of eczema and it is widely know not to contain harsh chemicals or irritants. This condition, very simply put, is a skin barrier problem. The skin is a barrier between everything inside you and everything outside, including bacteria and other irritants. In eczema, the skin is allowing too much moisture to escape from the body. To further complicate things, as the skin begins to flake, bacteria and other irritants find their way in, thus beginning the scratch itch cycle.

Step one, is you need to stop scratching. This might not be as easy as it sounds because the itch can get very intense. Remember this when dealing with a child. At this point you will need to apply as much emollient cream as you can, every time the itch feels hot. The emollient will cool and soften the skin. It would be difficult to apply too much so don’t be sparing and keep on applying as often as needed. If possible, see your doctor or dermatologist.

When dealing with a child, a simple application of emollient cream may be more difficult than it sounds. Try making it a positive and even fun experience for the child in exchange for some cooperation. The usual problem is getting the child to stay still. Try to warm the cream up in your hands a little to make it more comfortable for the child.

In most cases, the situation improves in a short time but it is very important to keep using emollient cream, it just won’t be required as often. It is also important to remember that relapses are usual but will be less severe if a good emollient regime is maintained. Also, try to keep a good humidity level and as dust free as possible in your residence. Try also to avoid tight itchy clothing. About 50% of children who have eczema outgrow the condition by the time they are 6 years of age but will remain sensitive to irritants.

By Martin Plebon 23 Oct, 2015
Flakiness, itchiness, discomfort and even redness. Dry skin can be a real problem.  However once you understand the causes of dry itchy skin, you then have a better chance in healing the situation. Here are some causes of dry skin.

That crisp winter air
The coldest season is also the driest season. And that means you’ve got to take extra steps to heal your dry skin. So what causes very dry skin in winter? The low humidity means moisture is constantly being pulled away from your skin’s surface. Without proper care, winter dry skin can crack and flake, leaving you more exposed to outside irritants and more likely to have an inflammatory response. To help prevent winter dryness, moisturize more often, use a humidifier in your home and take shorter showers. Speaking of which…

Soaking up a long, relaxing shower
It’s a soothing escape, but staying in the hot water for too long is one of the most common causes of very dry skin. Too much hot water removes the natural moisturizing ability of skin’s surface cells. Soaps and harsh cleansers remove protective lipids and damage skin proteins, weakening the skin’s surface and exposing deeper and deeper layers to additional moisture loss. Your skin isn’t just losing water. It’s losing the ability to retain water. So aim for a shower that’s warm (not hot), limit the length of the shower to 5 minutes and seek out moisturizing bars, body washes, and shampoos.

There’s prevention and there’s healing.
Sun. Dry winter air. Air-conditioning. Traveling by plane. These are all some common dry skin causes and solutions. But to heal skin that’s already dry, you should moisturize regularly with a lotion designed to heal dryness. From the first application, a healing lotion will restore skin’s flexibility, its ability to seal in water, and will fill in cracks to give your dry skin a smoother feel and appearance. With regular use, you can experience healthy-looking, healed skin every day.

Now made in Canada - Available direct from the Canadian manufacturer.

Manufacturing in Canada accomplishes several objective. First and foremost, we can ensure the quality of the product is manufactured to the highest standards. We create jobs in Canada and not offshore. We can also provide valuable information for dermatologist and patients and a direct link to us if there are any questions.
(Cetraben is now available in 
Canada direct online)
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Cetraben® Emollient Cream Key Features:
  • Lanolin, peanut oil and urea free
  • Easily absorbed through the skin
  • Fragrance free
  • Appropriate as a soap substitute
  • Suitable for babies and children
  • Cost effective
  • It works by providing a layer of oil on the surface of the skin to prevent water evaporating from the skin surface.
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